Dr. Michael Gottlieb has a long history with HIV, dating from 1981 when he authored the first report identifying HIV as a new disease.
Dr. Gottlieb

Merck, in collaboration with Mondo Guerra, fashion designer and winner of Project Runway All Stars Season 1, and renowned photographer and HIV activist, Duane Cramer, continues to bring the national education campaign I Design to the Community. The campaign helps to empower people living with HIV to work with their doctors to "tailor their HIV treatment plan" by approaching HIV treatment "through their own lens."

Prompted by artistic self-expression, I Design encourages people living with HIV to have open and meaningful discussions with their doctors about their daily lives. People living with HIV are all different and their treatment plans should reflect those differences.

Mondo and Duane have made living positively with HIV a reality, and encourage others managing their HIV to do the same through an open physician-patient dialogue about goals of treatment now and in the future.

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