World AIDS Day 2016
with a special Facebook profile photo filter created by
fashion designer and HIV advocate Mondo Guerra

"Reflecting on my own journey living with HIV, I started with the idea of self-love. I created this design to honor those who we have lost to HIV, acknowledge the progress made since the outset of the epidemic and remind us that there is still work to be done in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Please use this filter as a source of inspiration and an opportunity to start a new conversation."

– Mondo Guerra

Help raise awareness of this important day and share your support by clicking the below button to add the filter to your Facebook profile picture.

The World Aids Day 2015 Overlay
Dr. Michael Gottlieb has a long history with HIV, dating from 1981 when he authored the first report identifying HIV as a new disease.
Dr. Gottlieb

The I Design campaign by Merck, in collaboration with Maria Davis and Mondo Guerra, is a national education campaign aimed at empowering the HIV community to have open conversations with their healthcare team about their lifestyle needs, HIV treatment plan and other chronic conditions and/or medicines they may be taking.

People living with HIV are all different and their treatment plans should reflect this. The I Design campaign educates on the importance of vocalizing individual needs and concerns to your healthcare team so that a tailored treatment plan can be developed.

Maria and Mondo have made living positively with HIV a reality and encourage others living with HIV to do the same by working with their healthcare team to find the best HIV treatment plans for themselves.

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