Start the Conversation

It is important to have an open dialogue with your healthcare team to effectively manage your health. You should talk to your healthcare team about any lifestyle needs or concerns about your treatment including potential side effects from your medications. You should also discuss other health conditions, as well as all medications, you are taking with your healthcare team to help manage your overall health, as many people living with HIV have additional health concerns.

Click below for a downloadable conversation checklist to help you engage in a meaningful discussion with your doctor.

Track your treatment

As you prepare for an open conversation with your healthcare team, it is important to keep track of each medication you are taking so you are able to discuss any questions with your healthcare team.

This free, downloadable medication worksheet may help you track your medicines, vitamins, and supplements and remind you when to take them so you're less likely to forget doses. Tracking medications may also help you identify any concerns you want to discuss with your healthcare team.

Set Medication Reminders

Taking your medicines on time is an important part of managing your HIV.

These downloadable mobile applications may help remind you when to take your medications and allows you to share information about your regimen with your healthcare team.


iStayHealthy is a free app created specifically for people living with HIV—designed to help you store lab results, record and manage your medications and set medication reminders.


Medisafe is a free medication reminder app that allows you to organize all your medicines in one place.

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